Baines' Brain Magic

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Baines' Brain Magic

Baines' Brain Magic

Pardon me for the delay.. Heres the mixed bag.. Am sure this will keep you going.. do send in your valuable comments

1. In London, they are referred to as "one-unders". InNew York, they are known as "track pizzas". Who are wetalking about ?
Ans: People who commit suicide by coming under theunderground trains.
2. Which Bollywood actress recently proudly declared 'I am the Queen of kissing' ?
Ans : Mallika Sherawat
3. In 1935, when this first came in the market, there were interpretation in eight languages. Now there are fifteen. What am I talking about ? We use it everyday.
Ans : Indian currency Notes
4. The Indian Air Force was formed in 1933. But it took 15 more years for the first jet aircraft to be inducted in to the IAF, which was a single seater fighter aircraft. What is the name of the aircraft?
Ans: Vampire
5. In the F1 world what is known as “Splash-and-dash”??
Ans: A pit stop in the closing laps of the race when a driver calls in for just a few litre of fuel to be sure of making it to the finish.
6. Which company had insured the World Trade Center?
Ans: General Electric
7. Who did the last rites of Sri Krishna after his death after Mahabharat
Ans : Arjun
8. Whose official residence in Kolkata is 'Indira Bhawan' ?
Ans : Jyoti Basu
9. It was first published in New York in the late1970s by the specialist puzzle publisher Dell Magazines in its magazine Math Puzzles and LogicProblems, under the title Number Place.The puzzle wasintroduced in Japan by Nikoli in the paper MonthlyNikolist. Currently, the New York Post and USAToday also publish the puzzle. How do we better know thispuzzle ?
Ans: Sudoku
10. What are "Little boy" and "Fat man"?
Ans:"Little boy" is the code name of uranium bomb dropped at hiroshima on 6 th august, 1945"Fat man" is the code name of plutonium bomb dropped at nagasaki on 9 th august, 1945
11. Name the Indian native state who was the first to issue its own postage stamp.
Ans : Kathiawar in 1865.
12. Which is the farthest point on earth from its centre ?
Ans : Summit of Chimborazo in Equador
13. Which south Indian river is the only one in the four states to offer white water rafting ?
Ans : Varahi river in Karnataka
14. ' Sacred hard fruit bean' is what it's botanical name when translated to english. What am I talking about ?
Ans : Lotus ( its botanical name is 'nelumbo nucifera' )
15. Built on a red sandstone terrace, this architectural landmark was finished under the supervision of Saadullah Khan. Identify
Ans: The Masjid-i-Jahan Numa, commonly known as Jama Masjid
16. ‘One Vision, One World,’ was a concert held in Mumbai and was organised by Save The Children, India. It featured A R Rahman on keyboards. Which prominent personality and ‘friend of children’ wrote the lyrics for the theme?
Ans: APJ Abdul Kalam
17. Who made the first official century on Indian Soil in test match cricket?
Ans: Bryan Valentine and not Lala Amarnath! (He was the first Indian to score a test century)
18. What is the first domain registered in internet?
Ans: The first domain name registered was It wasregistered on March 15, 1985.
19.Who invented e-mail?
Ans: E-mail was invented by Ray Tomlinson in 1971 (Then there wereonly 23 computers on the Internet). The @ sign in e-mail addresseswas also his contribution in 1972.
20. What is "Annorexia"?
Ans: Anorexia .... loss of appetite

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

My next set of questions _ Quiz 2

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This is my next set of questions. Hope this will tingle your senses

1. Which Is The Largest Island In The Mediterranean?


2. At which battle did Nelson famously "turn a blind eye" to orders to disengage?

The Battle of Copenhagen

3. What are the Doldrums?

Calm regions of water near the equator

4. Who invented the bouncing bomb in the second World War?

Barnes Williams

5. What Is Austin Powers Job When He Is Not Being An International Man Of Mystery?

A Fashion Photographer

6. How Is “Ethylene Glycol” Better Known?


7. What Is Daltonism?

Colour Blindness

8. What Do You Call A Group Of Snakes?

A Nest

9. Who Wrote The Novel 101 Dalmations?

Dody Smith

10. Which Is The Only Creature Where The Male Becomes Pregnant?

Sea Horse

11. The Dick Test Is Used To Test A Persons Immunity Against Which Disease?

Scarlet Fever

12. What was created in France in 1885 by Frederic Auguste Bartholdi With The Intention Of Enlightening The World?

The Statue Of Liberty

13. In 1969 The Apollo 11 Spacecraft Landed On The Moon, When The Mission Was Over & They Returned To Earth, They Left Behind Several Items:- The US Flag , A Plaque, And What Other Item?

Golf Balls

14. Sildenafil Citrate Is the Chemical Name For What?


15. The Process Of Lachrymation Produces What?


16. Which Country Has The Currency The Tugrik?


17. What are the strong cords attaching muscles to bones called?


18. Which huge, fercious monster of Phoencian mythlogy is referred to in the Book of Isaiah as the crooked serpent?


19. To which place was the mortally wounded Arthur ferried by three mysterious women in a black boat?


20. Which Letter Is Farthest Left On A Computer Keyboard?


21. In Literature how are the famous duo Charles and Gerald better known?

Mills & Boon

22. Who was Time magazine's Man Of The Year in 1982?

The PC

23. It is separated from EllesmereIsland, Canada by just 16 miles in the north and contains one of the worlds fastest glaciers, the Jakobshavn glacier. What is being referred to here?


24. This book was originally titled " Four and a Half years of my struggle against stupidity, lies and cowardice". What book?

Mein Kamf

25. In 1938 a group of scientists - Schraeder, Ambros, R'driger, Van der linder developed a chemical-methylethylmethylphosphonofluoridate.By what name is this chemical better known as?

Sarin. (It is named after themselves )